Success Stories


Glance is job search made personal from your text message inbox, for free. We started working on the idea after getting frustrated with how long we spent searching and applying to jobs. We wanted to work on ways to improve that process for our peers.

As we started we realized there were going to be a ton of hurdles. First off, neither Chris nor I had a tech background. So gaining the skills needed was a challenge. Originally we wanted to do video profiles to apply to jobs. We soon realized requiring students to dress up and do formal videos was not going to be a strong selling point with them.

Our story is one of doing the wrong thing for so long we finally figured out what to do. We talked to as many people as possible and eventually figured out what students wanted in a platform. We have learned an incredible amount and wouldn’t be where we are without the help of the Center for Entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to enable students to discover jobs and apply directly from their text message inbox for free. We are excited to launch September 5th! Join our beta launch at


Vixster Appstate Entrepreneur

Vixster is an on-demand trash and recycling service that connects drivers in the community with other community members who are in need of trash and recycling pickups. Vixster offers both one-time pickups and subscript ion pickups in which subscribers can choose to utilize Vixster’s service s monthly, bi-annually, or annually. Trash and recyclables are collected by community members who receive compensation for providing this service.

Vixster was founded in February of 2016 by Zak Ammar. Noticing a critical need for more trash and recycling services in the High Country and surrounding areas, Zak set out to design a way in which community members who did not have access to city trash and recycling pickups could enjoy the convenience of curb-side pickup at competitive and affordable prices.

All services can either be one-time pickups or subscription pickups. Subscriptions can run monthly, bi-annually, or annually. See for more details about Vixster and its services!


Magna Grips

Bailey Williams developed a therapeutic glove with magnets in the fingertips and an opposite pole magnet in the thumb to address fine motor control disorders in children. The magnet configuration promotes dexterity and muscle memory by helping each finger connect with the thumb in the classic pincer grip, a critical function in promoting fine motor control. Bailey won $15,000 in a business plan competition, filed a provisional utility patent, and is currently negotiating with contract manufacturers in the US and overseas.

Foldable Foodware

Foldable Foodware

Austin Waggoner designed a food storage and transport solution from a compostable material called bagasse board, providing an alternative to Styrofoam packaging at a lower cost. Bagasse board is produced from the discarded husks of sugar cane and decomposes in 90 days. The Foldable Foodware design transforms into a sandwich box and burrito cylinder from a single footprint. Austin filed a provisional utility patent and won $5,000 at a business plan competition in Winston-Salem, NC.

Haiti Fish Farms

Haiti Fish Farm

Paul Heckert designed a program to introduce and manage fish farms on Lake Peligre, Haiti.  The system includes cages managed by the local community, with the fish used to feed local families and to provide economic development by selling to the fish markets in Port-au-Prince. With the help of the biology department at Appalachian, Paul is developing a custom fish food using locally available ingredients that will drastically reduce the cost of the operation, and produce a viable export product for Haitians.



Sean Smith invented an innovative electrical outlet cover that guides a plug into the socket to eliminate the risk of shock. For locations where the electrical outlet is difficult to reach or obscured in poor lighting, the On-Track outlet cover makes plugging in an electrical device risk free. The design is contemporary and aesthetic making it a good choice for every outlet in the home or business.  Sean is in the final stages of a design and provisional utility patent.

Corner Tailors

Corner Tailors

Corner Tailors hatched from an experience founder Merrick Marquie had while traveling abroad when he discovered high quality custom business suits were available for a great price. After returning to campus he realized he could provide the same service to fellow business school students that needed a quality suit to look good and land that first job. 



Zach Starin designed a kinetic knee brace that enables people recovering from a knee injury or surgery to rehabilitate at home. By combining resistance bands with a stabilizing knee brace, and a set of routines designed to strengthen and mobilize the knee, the MYO’bility solution is an inexpensive and convenient supplement to physical therapy. Zach is collaborating with Exercise Science at Appalachian State and won $10,000 at a business plan competition at Wake Forest University.